PHOTO: Megan Galehouse

Killik Hot Sauce Company Cleveland, Ohio

Killik Hot Sauce Company is owned and operated by Michael Killik: veteran, father of four daughters, stroke, and heart attack survivor. In his previous life, he taught middle school science, which is what gave him the passion to discover the scientific process of fermentation! After his stroke 15 years ago, he had to make a career change into restaurant management, where his passion for food blended with his passion for science.

The last straw, per se, was when he had a heart attack in the same week as his father. He survived his father didn’t. After surviving the heart attack, Michael decided he had to change his way of life but loved hot sauce! He researched that most hot sauces have very high sodium levels and that this could’ve been a contributing factor to his heart attack. Having been dabbling in his own hot sauce making, he found that what he was creating was a better tasting, better looking, and much healthier hot sauce! With this belief that he was doing better for people struggling with their diet like he was, he started Killik Hot Sauce Company!